2021-05-13 gemini intro

We could compare, in a certain way, Gemini space to an exoplanet. Gemini is not on the World Wide Web but this is close to them.

It could be *gliese 486b* near Virgo constellation like Gemini protocol is new.

See this link

ou ce lien en fr

Gemini space seems to me like an very old episod of the *twilightzone* in which humans experimented awful actions and, at the end, spectators discovered it was a child playing with a doll house ! It's not exactly

that episod

but it's the closest I found.

Maybe we are test subjects or pioneers, it depends on how we choose to see it !

🐣 gemini://ilogique.pollux.casa/gemlog/2021-05-13 gemini intro.gmi